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The Real Estate Agent’s Duty

A real estate agent is a person who schedules real estate dealings, placing buyers and sellers together and behaving as their representative in conferences. They are accredited to help people buy, sell, and rent homes and other properties.

Real estate agents may execute various duties but some of the most common responsibilities include renting, buying or selling people’s properties, interviewing potential clients, discuss conditions of sale, discuss various options and draw up real estate contracts.

Apart from the mentioned duties above, there are tons of other responsibilities a real estate agent must carry out:

  • Trail listings on a daily basis and stay up to date with the market
  • Keep up with the modern market trends
  • Offer help and consult clients in their listings hunt
  • Arrange an appointment and hold meetings with clients to discuss their needs and desires
  • Visit property sites with clients
  • Talk to clients about their expenses and budget
  • Help clients determine their buying power and capital
  • Assist clients to associate with other needed professionals who provide real estate related services for example appraisers, contractors and home inspectors.
  • Develop and uphold connections with all applicable shareholders such as lawyers, banks, etc.
  • Provide support to clients in concluding deals
  • Draft and deliver documents

Typically, there are three types of real estate agents:

  1. Seller’s Agent

Commonly known as a listing agent, are responsible for selling properties and ensuring a high profit. They come up with a relative market search analysis to inaugurate a realistic selling price. They guide clients accurately to invest money in proper places.

  1. Buyer’s Agent

They use their expertise to help clients buy properties best suited for their wants and needs, that too at a budget friendly price. They interview buyers to understand what they are looking for and even direct the buyer through closing processes.

  1. Dual Agent

They are the real estate agent who represents both, a selling agent and a buying agent. They are responsible for fulfilling all the roles and duties described so far and even more.

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